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  • PFS EN1143-1 | TITAN LINE

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    Armored gun cabinet with EN 1143-1 class 0 certification Armored gun cabinet with EN 1143-1 class 0 certification. The PFS Titan Line cabinets is available in 3 different measures that can hold 5, 7 or 10 rifles. The armored cabinets of the this line are perfect for storing weapons as they are made according to the current safety standards dictated by law and also according to the EEC standards not yet in force in Italy. The PFS Strong Line gun cabinets are both wall and support for all hunting and sporting weapons.

  • Angoliera in legno

    PFLV 6

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    Armored display case with certificate of conformity. Showcase armored gun cabinet with shatterproof glass are ideal for safe storage and display of your shotguns. The triple display cabinet gives brightness. The textured paint of the armored cabinet PFVV3V gives the surfaces a realistic metallic appearance, with a finish able to give a 3D effect.